Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at XING

 “For a better working life” – XING’s vision plays a pivotal role both in our understanding of responsibility and in our social commitment. As the leading social network for business professionals in the German-speaking market we create a platform on which members can discuss groundbreaking concepts about the future of work, whilst being a mentor to our users during this process of change.


At the same time, we are committed to implementing our vision internally. We offer our employees an environment in which they can develop their talents and work flexibly on their own initiative. We believe in management that treats employees as equals, supporting their development and creating space for innovation.


The CSR strategy we adopted in 2017 is our way of living up to this self-image and strengthening our commitment to New Work. We are consolidating and expanding our activities and publishing this CSR Report annually to provide transparency for our stakeholders.

Our five action areas:

CSR-Report 2018

Download the CSR-Report 2018 here.

Thomas Vollmoeller, CEO, XING SE“For the first time, we are providing transparency in every aspect of our corporate responsibility.”

CSR-Report 2017

Download the CSR-Report 2017 here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Corporate Social Responsibility at XING. 

Dr. Claudia Weigt

Dr. Claudia Weigt

Manager Corporate Social Responsibilty
Daniela Menzel

Daniela Menzel

Senior Manager Corporate Communications