XING share

XING share

Analyst evaluation

Broker Analyst Recommendation Fair value
Deutsche Bank Nizla Naizer Hold 335 €
Commerzbank Heike Pauls Buy 410 €
Hauck & Aufhäuser TBA Buy 310 €
MM Warburg Patrick Schmidt Hold 330€
Berenberg Bank Sarah Simon Sell 300 €
Equinet Mark Josefson Hold 285 €

Basic Information about the XING share

Basic Information about the XING share
5.620.435 Number of shares
5.620.435 Share capital in €
Registered shares Share type
12/07/2006 Initial public offering (IPO)
O1BC Bloomberg
OBCGn.DE Reuters
Prime Standard Transparency level
TecDAX Index
Software Sector
Deutsche Bank Paying bank

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Patrick Möller, Director Investor Relations, XING SE “The XING share offers high, profitable growth as well as regular dividends.”


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Patrick Möller

Patrick Möller

Director Investor Relations